About us

Fifika Georgieva - Svetulka

Who are we?

Svetulka (i.e. Firefly) is a Bulgarian based company that specialises in natural and organic products with no preservatives. We use wild fruits and ingredients for the home grown we only pick the cleanest products that has not been touched by pesticides.

The culprit behind the amazingly tasty jars of goodness is the Firefly herself - Fifika Georgieva. An actor by education, she has been dealing with food for a while. For the past 7 years, she has organized a wide range of gourmet dinner events and created Firefly's children's cooking academy to instore healthy eating habits en create awareness for natural products. Steaming from this project the jars of Firefly came to be - she needed some organic jams for desserts for one of her events, and she thought, "Why not revisit my grandma's old recipes?" So she did. And it turned out as great as she remembered them to be. And so did most of the people that tasted that dessert. They started asking about the jams and other Firefly products if they can buy some to bring home. A few weeks later, the jars with jams and lutenitza were demanded in every event. People fell in love with the Firefly products and she continued to make more and more which prompted Fifika Georgieva to expand Firefly products to a real company exporting even abroad. From the beginning, the idea has been that jams for example do not have to be poisonous, overly processed sugar bombs that are bad for the health even in small quantities, but exactly can be healthy treats. Focusing on clean, organic produce, along with an innovative conservation process with 20-35% sugar per jar, we managed to keep the fruits whole and with an authentic flavor. We follow that same philosophy for any product that we produce.


Firefly aims to bring you healthier, traditionally Bulgarian, home-made products.


Making a difference in people's lives is important to us and we want to show that anything can have a tastier alternative. Our mission is to make healthier products by using significantly less sugar and hand-picked ingredients with no pesticides.